Business conditions

Sládkovičova 1972
022 01 Čadca

Company Registration Number: 50397028 
Tax Identification Number: 2120313602
VAT identification number: SK2120313602

IBAN: SK54 0900 0000 0051 1593 2679
Phone: +421 948 251 510

Business entity registered in the Commercial Register of District Court Žilina, section Ltd., insert no. 56899 / Le- 

I. General provisions

1.1 MPDESIGN Ltd. (Provider) operates www.socbulk.comwhat is the point through which the user communicates the content provider with a focus on automated marketing on social networks - facebook, pinterest, twitter, linkedin, google +, in the mobile version of instagram ("automated social network marketing").

1.2 Provider act as seller of Socbulk - an application for automated marketing on social networks („socbulk“)


II. Usage of

2.1 By using "socbulk" - an application for automated marketing on social networks, a person becomes a user and classifies into category of users within the meaning of these terms and conditions. (along as users).

2.2 It is the user's responsibility to be aware of these terms and conditions, by using user agrees to these terms and conditions and is bound to comply with them in their entirety.

2.3 Users of „socbulk“ - an application for automated marketing on social networks are natural persons as well as legal persons, which are using „socbulk“ for their personal or business use.

2.4 A natural or legal person will become a user within the meaning of these general terms and conditions after registering on the through his account on one of the social networks listed in art. I point 1.1 of these General Terms and Conditions and after payment of the subscription for the "socbulk" application within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions.


III. Registration

3.1 The use of the "socbulk" application is conditional to user registration.

3.2 The user registers on the website using the form where he will provide information in the range - name, surname, date of birth, e-mail address, residence address - payment information for a natural person; Business name, company ID, seat - payment information for a legal entity.

3.3 The user is obliged to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information for "socbulk". In the case of a breach of this obligation, the provider is entitled to immediately cancel the user's account. 

3.4 The Provider reserves the right to refuse registration or to abort the "socbulk" user at his sole discretion.

3.5 The user's responsibility is to maintain the credibility of the "socbulk" password and other account information.


IV. Payment terms

4.1 Payment methods are linked to the payment gateway, which provides secured acceptance technology of payment cards and online bank transfer.

4.2 The numbers of payment cards, credit cards and passwords for the electronic banking are entered by user through a secure and trusted channel of 

4.3 Payment can also be set as "recurring" i.e. - the price that is fixed for "socbulk" is automatically paid monthly. The fact that the payment will be categorized as a recurring payment returns to user by email with payment status. Once the payment verify status is clicked, the recurring payment information is displayed. The user can opt out of a recurring payment in his profile in the menu Marketing Campaigns.

4.4 Recurring payment is automatically charged via secured gateway Automatic payment occurs for the first time in 14 days from the day and time when the first payment was made, and then always on the same day and hour of that month. The user will not be entitled to a refund for a given period of payment. 

4.5 In case of any changes, the user will be inform by email.

4.6 The consumer from EU Member States is required to enter his VAT identification number as he has a registration obligation before the service is accepted. If the client fails to provide us a valid VAT ID, we will accede to the service tax at the Slovak VAT rate of 20%.



V. Rights and obligations of the user 

5.1 The user takes full responsibility for choosing and using the "socbulk" application.

5.2 The user is required to purchase and maintain the device or additional services to which user must be connected to have secure access to "socbulk" applications, including modems, hardwares, software, individual social accounts or a telephone operator. The user acknowledges the fact that such devices or additional services must be compatible with the "socbulk" application.

5.3 The user must consummate 15 years to be able to register. 

5.4 For proper functioning of „socbulk“ is the user obliged to accept and authorize the permissions requested by the social networks referred to in Art. I, point 1.1 to use the application and maintain the accounts and passwords on the social networks secure.

5.5 The user is required to agree to these general terms and conditions.

5.6 The user is responsible for the content and activities that occur within his account.

5.7 The user is required to provide complete, accurate and up to date information for creating a new account and maintain up to date information about the account.

5.8 The user can not directly or indirectly:

  1. Sell, rent, assign, provide license or sublicense to third party
  2. Change, modify, adapt, prefigure „socbulk“
  3. Prepare derived applications
  4. By using "socbulk" to act unlawfully, illegally and to commit crimes
  5. Decompose, decompile, reverse analyze, or otherwise attempt to uncover the source code or basic algorithms for "socbulk"
  6. To change, remove or hide proprietary right of "socbulk"
  7. Use "socbulk" to transfer virus, trojan horse, worms or any malicious content
  8. Use of "socbulk" can not conflict and interfere with copyrights, rights related to copyright or other rights to intellectual property of third party
  9. Use any "deep-link", "page-scrape", "robots", "spiders" or other automatic devices, programs, algorithms, methodologies or other similar manual processes to access, copy or track any part of the "socbulk"
  10. Bypass the navigation structure or the presentation of "socbulk"
  11. By using „socbulk“ violate the legal order of the Slovak Republic and these general business terms within his embedded content promote a business entity that is competing against the provider
  12. Include content that is discriminatory, can not have pornographic content and must comply with generally binding legal regulations valid and effective in the conditions of the Slovak Republic

5.9 In the case of any occurrence of any damage to the provider caused by the user's actions, is user obliged to pay the incurred damages to the provider.

5.10 The user is required to become acquainted with these terms and conditions and declares that he agrees with them.

5.11 The user acknowledges that the username and password assigned to them is confidential and must be used only personally.

5.12 The user has the right to cancel his user account by sending an email to:


VI. Rights and obligations of the provider

6.1 The provider has the right to remove any user content from the „socbulk“ if this is in contravention of these business conditions generally applicable regulations or good morals. 

6.2 The provider is solely responsible only for managing the „socbulk“, for correct displaying of text, photos, and proper functionality. 

6.3 In case of violation of these terms and conditions by the user the provider is entitled to restrict the rights of the user and / or the scope of services provided to user and prevents user access to „socbulk“ and any use of the services available here.

6.4 The provider reserves the right to quit operation of the „socbulk“ without giving a reason, while to registered users do not arrise any monetary or non-monetary claim. 

6.5 The provider is entitled to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time at his own discretion.

6.6 The provider grants the User a non-portable, non-transferable, non-exclusive, limited and revocable license in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions during the user subsription period.

6.7 The provider is not responsible for any damages caused by non-compliance with the obligations mentioned in Art. V, paragraph 5.4.

6.6 The provider dispose with all rights and privileges in relation to "socbulk".

6.7 By violate of the obligations referred to in Art. V, point 5.8, (A) - (m), the provider is entitled to exclude any such activity and cancel the user registration without the right to any compensation.

6.8 The provider is entitled to transfer rights and obligations to a third party without prior notice to the user..


VII. Privacy policy

7.1       The contract parties have agreed that the user, if he is a natural person, is obliged to notify the provider about his name and surname, address of permanent residence, including postal code, telephone number and valid e-mail address. 

7.2       The parties agree that the user, if he is a legal person is required to notify the provider about his business name, address, including postcode, company ID, telephone number and valid e-mail address.

7.3       The user can review and change the provided personal data at any time after logging in to the provider's profile.

7.4       Provider hereby notifies the user, that in the meaning of the constitution § 10 par. Article 3 B) of Act no. 122/2013 Z.z. On the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Acts as amended („ZnOOÚ“) the provider will process the user's personal data without his consent as the person concerned.

7.5       The user, by ticking the appropriate box before signing, expresses his consent in accordance with the § 11 par. (1) of the Act that the provider should process and store his personal data, in particular those listed in the order and / or necessary for the activities of the provider.

7.6       The Provider undertakes to treat and handle the personal data of the user in accordance with the applicable Slovak legislation.

7.7       The Provider declares that, in accordance with Art. § 6 par Article 2 C) ZnOOU personal data will be acquired exclusively for the purpose of providing "socbulk".

7.8       The Provider declares that, in accordance with Art. § 6 ods. Article 2 letter (E) ZnOOU will not acquire personal data for purposes other than those specified in these Business Terms and Conditions and will ensure that personal data are processed and used exclusively in a manner consistent with the purpose for which they were collected and that they will not associate them with personal data Obtained for other purposes.

7.9     Personal data will be processed for the business and marketing needs of the provider.


VIII. Cookies

8.1        Cookies are small text files that are recorded on a computer hard drive only by permission. In case of approval, the text file is loaded into small size.

8.2       Cookies facilitate the analysis of navigation on the internet, they recognize when someone visits a web page, they enable web applications to send information to individual users.

8.3       In connection with this, sites do not receive your personal information. 

8.4       Cookies are not used to transmit information of a personal character, persistent files of cookies of any type, or systems for tracking users. 


IX. Final provisions 

9.1 Business Conditions stated on become valid and effective at the moment of acknowledgment, except if the parties agreed otherwise. 

9.2 The user declares that he is acquainted with these terms and conditions, he understands and expressly agrees with it. 

9.3 Relations non adjusted by these business conditions are governed by the laws valid and effective in the Slovak Republic and the EU. 

9.4 The resulting disputes, the contracting parties undertake primarily addressed amicable and out of court, if such an option occurs and will not be possible to solve even after the efforts are made, each of the parties is entitled to resolve a dispute on the competent court. 

9.5 Any part of this text can not be copied, reproduced in any way and in any form without the express approval of „socbulk“.

9.6 In the case that any regulation of these Terms and Conditions has become invalid, ineffective or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity and effectiveness of the other regulations shall not be affected. The Contracting Parties undertake to replace such an invalid, ineffective or unenforceable clause with a new regulation whose intent will be as close as possible to the intent resulting from the original regulation.